Prisma Dentists, proud partner of the Mont-Royal Outremont Soccer Club

From left to right, top to bottom: M. Abdul Racham Ahmed, semi-pro at CSMRO and coach for the children, M. François Lechner, dentist and owner at Prisma Dentists, M. Luc Brutus, President of CSMRO, as well as Lucas, Julia and Victor, three young players in the U8 soccer league.

The Sport and Health Ambassador, Dr. François Lechner, and the team at Prisma Dentists are actively involved within the community. The clinic has been a major partner of the Soccer Club Mont-Royal Outremont for many years. Keeping active helps promote good dental health!

Sugar is a big problem. It causes cavities and the development of diabetes. Today, there is sugar hidden in most food products and pre-packaged food. It is difficult to totally eliminate sugar intake,” observes Dr. François Lechner.

Increasing muscle activity is an excellent way to absorb sugar. This can prevent pancreas problems, which is linked to type 2 diabetes“, he explains.

Physical exercise is a good counterweight to metabolize sugar and a positive choice for overall body health. Prisma Dentists serves the youth and adult communities of Mont-Royal and Outremont, helping them become more aware of the positive health effects between sport regulating daily sugar intake“, notes Dr. Lechner.

A valuable support

Since 1987, the CSMRO offers athletes support and recreational soccer to 5-year old boys and girls to 35-year old senior players. Approximately 2500 players wear the Griffons’s colours, denoting the very first soccer team of Mont-Royal Outremont.

With material costs rising every year, Dr. Lechner’s and his team’s support is paramount to the survival of the programs, points out Luc Brutus, President of CSMRO. Prisma Dentists offers very important support to the young people and the club. This is a positive partnership that emphasizes the importance of health.

Prisma Dentists is located at 100 Chemin Rockland, Suite 133, Mont-Royal, inside the Rockland Health Complex. Free parking. Information: 514-739-0097. Club de soccer Mont-Royal Outremont:, 514-495-7473.

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