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Dr. François Lechner and his team at Prisma Dentistes invite you to discover their unique approach to dentistry, with cutting-edge technology and a holistic focus on patient health and wellness. Find out more today about Invisalign treatments. Pain-free invisible orthodontia really does exist: treat yourself to the brilliant smile you’ve been dreaming about!

“With age, your upper teeth grind away at your lower teeth. They also get worn down and overcrowded. This process worsens over time,” notes Dr. Lechner. “Many people have misaligned teeth but don’t want to wear traditional fixed orthodontic devices. With Invisalign, they can now apply the corrections they crave.”

Custom-designed by orthodontists using computer-assisted 3D technology, the removable, transparent aligner shells are remarkably effective and efficient at shifting and aligning teeth, to discretely correct crowding, gaps, overbites and other malocclusions.

Three steps to perfect teeth

“We start with a virtual exam, and send the photos to the company. We then get back a 3D video of the patient’s teeth showing precisely how they’ll change at each stage. This allows us to determine exactly how many weeks and aligner shells will be needed,” the dentist and clinic owner explains.

As opposed to traditional braces, Invisalign allows prospective patients to view, in advance, the results they’ll get at the end of their treatment. It’s a three-step transformation process that also includes tooth whitening and enamel rejuvenation.

“The base of the tooth turns brown over time. Applying a synthetic enamel to the parts that are worn down restores what the years have taken away. Your teeth look brand-new again,” says Dr. Lechner.

Correction and prevention

Beyond mere aesthetics, there are numerous advantages to having straight teeth. They’re easier to clean and scale, making them less vulnerable to cavities, and your gums are healthier, too. Straight teeth also lead to less abnormal wear and grinding, as well as fewer migraines and less joint pain.

“Overcrowding and other malocclusions have direct consequences on periodontal health,” notes Lina Dawli, a dental hygienist and certified Invisalign consultant who trains staff both here in Quebec and elsewhere across North America.

“In addition to being harder to brush, misaligned teeth are always undergoing some form of injury or trauma. The inflammation process is aggravated, and teeth and crowns break more easily. By correcting the alignment, you get a solid foundation for your teeth, with proper occlusion and your jaws set in a comfortable position,” she adds.

By choosing Invisalign, patients are opting for a long-term solution that helps correct existing problems while preventing other potential issues. “It’s not just for a few years—it’s for life!”

“Many people think their teeth can’t be fixed and they’ll never get back that young and healthy look, but it’s totally doable,” Dawli says. “The Prisma Dentistes team of specialists can help you transform your smile!”

Prisma Dentistes is located in the Rockland MD Health Centre at 100 Rockland Road, Suite 133, in Town of Mount Royal. Free parking available. (514) 739-0097.

Come in and meet with clinic owner Dr. François Lechner, DMD, and Lina Dawli, dental hygienist and certified Invisalign consultant.

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